Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Geez Louise

I assume this will turn up in a blog post and if/when it does I'll try to remember to come back and link it but the current source is a series of tweets from Jordan Bastian...:

Cito: "Let me tell you this right now, Overbay is going to play against left-handers. So, why would I pinch hit for him?"

Cito, asked if he recalled ever pinch hit for as a player: "It's tough when you're sitting on the bench."

... and John Lott:

Long story short re: Gaston's pre-game talk about using pinch-hitters: Overbay will bat against everybody. "So that ends that."

That ends that, at least until Oby shows he's "not able to put some numbers up later on in the year,;maybe [then] you have to do something."

Cito: "It’s just something we want to do for him. He’s a free agent this year. We want to make sure he has a good shot out there (more)

Ok, look - I'm NOT down on Clarance about not pinch-hitting Ruiz for O'bay Monday, there's a solid argument for holding on to the good D in a close game (Buck hitting is another story though) BUT the very idea that The Manager thinks it's his job to do what he can to make sure Overbay gets a better contract next year is . . . is . . . hell I don't even have a word for how insane that is.

Word to Mr. Gaston, with all due respect to your hoary head of wisdom, your job here is to win fuckingballgames! And short of that to develop players into winners.

It is most assuredly NOT to make sure departing free agents do well for themselves on the market next winter. If you can do the latter while doing the former, bully for you - but is it too late to ask you to get your damned priorities in order, please?



On a more upbeat note, Vernon Wells is now on a pace to hit 243 homers! PLAYOFFS!!!


eyebleaf said...

Why doesn't "We want to make sure he has a good shot out there ..." mean the trade market to you?

No one's trading for Randy Ruiz. Or Mike McCoy. But a team might certainly trade for Overbay, hence why the Jays are eager to showcase him and make sure he plays everyday and hits in all situations.

At least that's how I'm looking at the Overbay loyalty.

The Southpaw said...

I don't think that makes sense unless Cito has deluded himself into thinking that (a) Overbay is suddenly going to remember how to hit LHP for no apparent reason; and (b) the acquiring team is so stupid they will overlook the sample size fallacy and buy into it.

Not that I should assume Cito isn't making those mistakes though, now that I think of it.