Monday, 13 September 2010

Let's find out

(Image from the "Scenes we'd like to see more of" file)

I won't bother to dig you up a link but I'm sure you are familiar with Cito Gaston's standing belief that he should play his best (i.e. veteran) lineup when he's facing a contending team out of respect for the race. Fair enough. I don't have to agree but if that's what he claims to believe...okay.

That is, of course, the standard rationalization for why he hasn't given JP Arencibia anything to do in the almost two weeks he's been back with the Jays. Well, we are about to find out if that's more of Cito's Standard Issue bullshit (which is to say, stuff he tells you he thinks right before he goes out and does something which directly contradicts what he told you) or not. For the next two weeks, the Jays are playing non-contenders (Yes, Boston, that includes you) and in the last week, there's a possibility the Twins will be far enough ahead that they are no longer threatened. In short, possibly 12 of the remaining 19 games (allowing for the day-game-after-night-game exception) COULD be available for JPA.

I'll be pretty surprised if he starts more than half that many.

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