Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Moment for Scotty Pods

Alex is certainly on his own schedule today as always. I've been holding back remarks about the Podsednick signing thinking I'd tag it onto a larger piece about the reported Bautista deal. But as that story grows, it becomes more and more unlikely that there's any place in such a post to discuss such an ultimately minor transaction as this one. Plus, the jays are taking their own sweet time to even announce what the did with Bautista, and I refuse to comment without knowing the details. So let me take just a brief moment here to tell you how unimportant the Scotty Pods deal is.

John Morosi tweeted, when the deal was made, that the Jays need a lead off hitter and perhaps Pods was that guy. The problem with that is that as a hitter, the Jays already have a guy who can do, at a minimum, what pods does in Raji Davis – and Davis is a much better defender. The only guys who have to worry about Pods are Corey Patterson and Mike McCoy. Don't be terribly surprised if all three of these guys fall before another player or two added later in the spring who're not even with the team yet. These are all marginal guys and if you are the sort of fan who puts a little money on the outcome of a game or a season on a site like MLB betting at BetUS this deal should have essentially zero effect on how you put your money down.

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