Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Whither Purcey?

A quick hit tonight, mainly just to document what I've said elsewhere. Alex Anthopoulos was quoted variously that he was confident he'd be able to trade David Purcey within the time frame alotted to him and that he'd already had interest. I believe, of course, that he will succeed. Speculation naturally abounds on where he might end up, and here's mine.

It goes without saying that any team who's not contending and is short of resources in terms of LH relievers is a candidate - many have noted Pittsburgh as a prime example. Nothing wrong with that logic.

But here' was what occurred to me:

1. NY Mets - JP works there now, he's as familiar with Purcey as anyone around the league and some suggest he has an ego so maybe he will seek to redeem his draft choice.

2. Houston Astros - Remember this is where Arnsberg works now, so he's in a position to recommend (or, ya know, the opposite) Purcey to his new bosses.

3. Washington Nationals - remember that many jays' execs used to work for the nats and they might well have their eye on some under-appreciated fringe prospect in their old system.

4. Boston Red Sox - were desperate enough for a lefty that they tried to make Denys Reyes work, so there's a need. Farrell has some familiarity with the Boston system, and the Red Sox have an up-close opinion of Purcey's work in the AL East last year.

Eh. food for thought anyway.

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