Sunday, 22 May 2011


Have I mentioned how much i LOATH interleague play? I mean, in like, the last five minutes?

'Cause I do. I mean I really really REALLY do.

I know it's sorta irrational. I know it feels just as bad in many ways to lost to Tampa back in the days when they sucked as it does to lose to a sucky NL team. but still what gets me is the consistent history of irrational failure vs National league opponents.

How in the heck am I supposed to feel good about going to NY for three with the Yankees when we dropped 2 of 3 AT HOME against the worst team in the NL? Even though I know the insane part is we're MORE likely to do well against the Yankees than the Astros (for reasons, if any there be, which make no sense at all).

Over the last seven seasons, there's been at least one series in each of those seasons but one, and sometimes two, inter-league series each season that makes you say "what the hell just happened here?!" The overall record really isn't miserable - it's just the "not beating the teams you are supposed to" theme that kills me.

At least four of the remaining five NL opponents are good teams. if we lose to them it will be easier to take. Now watch us get swept by the Pirates.

Some happier notes:

In Toronto -
Josh Hamilton had 6.5 WAR (as per BR) in 133 games last year. Jose Bautista had 4.3 when he got out of bed this morning, in 37.

In Vegas -
Brett Lawrie has adjusted to the pitching that adjusted to him and is now hitting better in May than his incredible April. (never-mind the 4 throwing errors this month).

In New Hampshire -
Travis d'Arnaud is hitting .500 with a 1.340 OPS in 11 games since coming off the DL.

Anthony Gose has an .855 OPS in 22 May games.

In Dunedin -
Justin Jackson is on a 7 game hit streak in which he's hit .452 with a 1.242 OPS - overall he's up to .878 in the OPS column, which puts him around 10th in the FSL - which is really good for Dunedin; BUT

AJ Jimenez is doing even better. He has a .911OPS on the year and his .364 BA leads the league.; BUT

Bradly Glenn is doing EVEN better. He's leading the FSL in homers. Which is near impossible to do playing at Dunedin.

In Lansing -
Marcus Knecht has pumped his season OPS up to .917 though he's striking out a good bit more in May.

So, think on the good things, right? Bring on the Damn Yankees! With a sweep we will pass them in the standings.

Edit: another thought crossed my mind.

Jays 3B in 2011:


Player referenced here:


Not sayin', just sayin'

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