Friday, 22 March 2013

Dunedin Dispatches: Week 5

A quiet week, for the most part, and one in which I've worked too many hours leads to a late and short entry this week. With two weeks (less now) to go until opening day, the fucus has narrowed to a few key concerns:

1. Whither Ricky Romero? In the wake of yesterdays first game-action trial of his mechanical adjustment, questions abound. Given AA's response to questions I think it's reasonable to assume that if he "clicks" as Alex hopes, he'll break camp with the Jays and if he shows no progress over his next two starts, then their hand will be forced and they will have to let him continue to seek the handle in Buffalo to start the year.

2. Reintegrating the WBC veterans. These last two weeks will be used to let players from the classic attempt to "gel" with those who didn't. In particular, JP Arencibia who got only two starts in the tournament will get a lot of reps.

3. Bullpen showdown: As of now, Brett Cecil has pulled into the clear lead for the final spot available. That assumes that the current wisdom that Aaron Loup will make the team is true. If he doesn't, or if Casey Janssen isn't quite ready, Jefress might yet stick - otherwise he's the most likely to be traded at this point.

4. Second base: the jays seem to have decided not to decide, tentatively planning to use both of them situationally. Which is not a biad idea in my view..

5. Backup catcher: whispers are that, unsurprisingly, Blanco still has the inside track.

also, the Jays have added a couple of more arms to the Buffalo crowd - Guillermo Moscoso and Todd Redmond.

All for now.

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