Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Month

Yes, that's right- the Jays are a month into the season, with several angles worth talking about, and I couldn't be bothered to post about any of them. Why? Well, lots of reasons. There's the simple matter of available time of course, but there's also lack of interest.Simply put, I write to be read - and I don't get the impression hardly anyone was reading. Yes, there are 150-200 pageviews most every day, but how many of them are bots or whatever? I have no way of knowing.

As for interest, I can't tell from the comments (which were never heavy), I can't tell from the linkage from other blogs (as far as I can tell, non-existent), I can't tell that I'm not simply talking to myself.  Don't mistake this as a plea for attention or back-patting, I understand that I did this to myself with inactivity, and it's okay. Truth is, the"market" for Jays bloggage is so saturated I was never able to break into the top ranks. I'll readily admit that those which have are the result of far more effort. Better looking site, more pics, even graphics, more writers. All I traded on was on gals opinion.

So the cycle feeds on itself, less posts lead to less readers leads to less posts lead to less readers.

Still, from time to time I want a platform to contribute something so I'll keep plugging along intermittently until the fire rekindles, assuming it does at some point. Tonight i have two things on my mind which, were I more motivated, would have been two separate posts.

First, regarding the major league squad. It's all too easy to get down on the team and think that all that which we percived as win in the off-season was, in fact, more fail. But consider this. The Blue Jays played seven of
 their last eleven games against the Yankees and lost six of those.

Looking at Baseball Reference, here's the busiest starting nine forthe team that manhandled our boys, with OPS+:

Francisco Cervalli - 138
Lyle Overbay - 85
Robinson Cano - 165
Eduardo Nunez - 29
Jayson Nix - 46
Vernon Wells - 151
Brett Gardner - 104
Ichero Suzuki - 68
Travis Hafner - 189

Except for Cano and Hafner (who hasn't been this good in SEVEN YEARS) that's basically a AAA team. How many of those guys would you gladly have plugged in on April 4 in place of their Jays equivalent and happily considered it an upgrade? Yet they are 6.5 games ahead of Toronto. The cliche "you can't predict baseball" was never more true than it is right now. I'd be much more philosophical about the team taking a while to gel if I wasn't flabbergasted at the Yankee's luck.

Blech. Enough of that.

On to the minor leagues.

One of my traditions is a monthly review of the better news from the minors, in the form of a "hot list" - why not continue that? I'll confine myself to those generally regarded as actual prospects, with a nod later towards the journeymen who started off hot.


1. Andy Burns - The Dunedin 3B is dominating his team and is right there among the top 3 or4 best hitters in the FSL. Most interesting, he has 15 walks and only 10 strikeouts.

2. Kevin Pillar - A somewhat slow start has gone en fuego. - Pillar sports a steadily climbing OPS of .880 and he also has the walk/strikeout thing under control. He's an OF in New Hampshire and it's anyone's guess whether the team will make room for Pillar at Buffalo if he keeps this up.

3. Ryan Schimpf - a marginal prospect who plays the IF but without a true defensive home, you have to tip your hat, though, to leading the EL in homers and the runner up spot (by a margin of ONE) in the walks column.

4. Moises Sierra - I've never been a big believer here but he's raking to start the year,with an average that flirts with .400 as the stand out stat. On the other hand, the strikeout-to-walk ration is still not impressive.

Names of note: Josh Thole is raking, Anthony Gose is not in a grove, Mauro Gomez is earning his keep, Mike Crouse started well but it's only4 games, The three top prospect in the Lansing lineup - Dalton Pompey, Christian Lopes, and Santiago Nessy - are just "okay"at this point.

Meanwhile, Jim Negrych sports a .429 BA in Buffalo with solid supporting stats.


1. Roberto Osuna - ignore the slightly elevated (but still quite good) ERA andlook at the ratios.22.1 IP, 31 K, and a mere4 BB. This kid might be some good.

2. Aaron Sanchez - not dominating the way Osuna has but beginning to show more control, which is the main thing he's working on.

Also, take not of Joel Carreno and Chad Beck protesting their assignment to AA by dominating the opposition.

There have been flashes of brilliance elsewhere but these are the deserving.


Chill said...

Nice post. FWIW, I check out the blog every few days to see if there's some more content!

Anonymous said...

ditto to Chill

Anonymous said...

I check the post a couple times a day myself....but I'm very close to removing the shortcut to the site from my browser. You articles are insightful, please keep them up. Whatever happened to Martin?

The Southpaw said...

No idea about Martin. He completely disappeared on me.

I do appreciate yall's interest. I guess i am being a bit whiny. It's sort of annoying when you invest hours on doing something you think is worthy of notice and then you go check a few other places doing link dumps and never ever see your stuff recommended. That's the only path to visibility.

Like I said, maybe good insight isn't enough, maybe it takes the bells and whistles to get noticed (and I just don't have the time for all that showmanship if I'm not getting paid. That's a young person's game.

Anonymous said...

I found your site from a recommendation from Andrew Stoetan on Drunk Jays Fans. You're linked on the home page. Perhaps start commenting in the djf blogs and you'll get noticed more. I hear you on your efforts..why not make a call for bloggers to provide articles

Anonymous said...

I am with Chill and the other similar comments. I check in regularly. What is there is always worth reading, so I keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. Ditto what everyone else has said.
I agree about the Yankees. What aggravated me about that series wasn't so much that the Jays lost, as much as it was guys like Travis Hafner (against two lefties!) and Lyle effing Overbay that were beating them (I'd add Vernon to that list as well, but I've always been a huge fan of his, and it's nice to see him doing well again; I just wish it wasn't against his old team). The Yanks finally go cheap and their scrap heap pickups suddenly play like they're 10 years younger. Arg.

Phil said...

I have always checked the blog every few days, although my interest has been down a bit with the horrific start to the season (sad but true). One comment I would make is you need to respond to comments more - I have posted before and I get no responses, which makes you less likely to do so again. I don't think you need bells and whistles, but a good article is half the battle, a good discussion is the second bit. Everyone else thinks they know how to cure the Jays too...