Friday, 23 January 2015

Caviar Wishes?

I've waited 3 weeks for the team to do something mildly interesting to warrant some sort of post.  And I've resisted touching on the Rogers/Beeston/Douquette mess since the ground seems to shift almost hourly under our feet. Until now. Certain sources continue to insist against all reason and sanity that the Jays will be convinced to pay a king's ransom - now reported to possibly rise to the level of Jeff Hoffman - in order to seal the deal for....reasons?

Much has been written by those closer to the situation than me, so there's no real reason for me to wax verbose on the subject except to relay to you the one best and most helpful bit of commentary I've seen. If you feel the need to make productive use of your quite understandable outrage that this might remotely be a thing, please direct you views to the following:

( H/T to the commenter who posted this in reply to Elliot's post from Thursday that I now can't get to load for some mysterious reason)

Why do we even have to have this conversation?

On an unrelated note, here's a well conceived and well executed system for quantifying Blue Jays' prospect rankings from a new blog we'll need to keep an eye on:

There's one shockingly low ranking which I won't spoil for you, but other than that, about the only quibble I have is the ceiling grade for Osuna seems one notch too low (which would only move him up one spot on the list). Also, I mentally penciled in Hoffman at #4 but you'll understand why he couldn't be ranked when the system is explained.

Props for a job well done.

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