Thursday, 9 April 2015

Random notes...

...many of which you've already heard about or figured out for yourself.

Item: Winning a series a Yankee stadium is always the most important news of the day

Item: Castro is the closer, and that may possibly be true for years to come

Item: Max Pentacost has been assigned to Dunedin. This may have to do with his recuperation from surgery, or may be where he's going to play when he's healthy.

Item: Jeff Hoffman tweets he's got a two inning start in extended tomorrow. The reports on him have been a bit nuts, and he may make an appearance in Toronto by the end of 2016 if all goes well.

Item: Michale Saunders made his first rehap start tonight, but reports are he won't be ready for the home opener.

Item: Mitch Nay Matt Dean, and Dewal Lugo homered for the D-Jays tonight.

Item: I got no more items, but I wanted to at least notice these.

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