Saturday, 29 May 2010

Perfection! (and stuff)

No need for me to get all slobbery about Doc's Perfecto tonight. it's not like we didn't all know it was coming at some point. I'll just say consider the hat tipped, Mr. Halladay, you are the best at what you do.

In other news...

ITEM: Kendry Morales broke his leg in the process of celebrating his grand slam homer tonight (can you say freak injury?) and will be out 10-12 weeks (can you say "Overbay to the Angels"? I knew you could!)

ITEM: With Tuesday's unannounced start looming for the Jays, speculation is difficult regarding whom they will choose. Eveland is out, Ray is injured, Litsch can't be activated yet, Tallet is listed as tomorrow's starter at AAA, Zep got rocked again tonight and doesn't look like himself at all so far, and that leaves Mills, who's coming off his worst stretch of the season. He was rocked in two of his last three starts.
Even though Cito denied it a couple of days ago, my hunch is a start-by-committee. Possibly with Camp getting the start (though sentimentally, I'd like to see it be Janssen). Reportedly the Jays brass talked it over today and plan to make an announcement probably Monday.

ITEM: Jim Callas at Baseball America has the honor of putting out the first mock draft I've seen that has the Jays taking my favorite target in the upcoming draft - Austin Wilson. It's true Wilson is somewhat raw but he's said to have outstanding toold and off the chart makeup. Think Alex Rios with passion. He's also said to be a very difficult sign but, here's my logic: this is called a fairly weak draft, with next year's crop expected to be noticeably better; so what better time to gamble on a hard sign with the #11 pick, knowing you'll get the pick back in a stronger draft next year if you fail?
The counterargument, of course, is that you'd be forced to take a safer signing with that pick next year but still, having two first rounders in a strong draft mitigates that, in my opinion. My second choice, tentatively, is now between Michael Choice and Nick Castellanos. Not to disrespect the several HS pitchers the Jays have been linked to, I just have less of a feel for which of those stands above the rest.

ITEM: The Jays broke the team record for homers in a month today, with two days to go. The reached 50 homers for May by way of two from Lyle Overbay (!) and the second in two games from Aaron Hill (PLEASE be out of that slump!) as well as Vernon Wells' 13th of the year. Wells, by the way, has now passed Joe Carter for second place on the all time lsit for home runs in a Blue Jays uniform. Wells has more milestones upcoming: 57 at bats to pass Lloyd Mosbey for second place, 268 to pass Tony Fernandez for first; 26 runs to pass Mosbey for second place on that list; he's also 31 doubles behind Delgado but that would be hard to reach this year.

ITEM: Monthly minor league position reviews coming up in the next couple of days.

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