Saturday, 31 July 2010

It Ain't Over 'til it's Over

Not much to say about the trade deadline passing uneventfully (for the Jays) with the exception of Tim Collins going to KC, which opens the door, IMO, for the possibility of getting him back at some point in a deal with the Royals (surely we can get him and Kila in the same deal this winter for, for instance, Litsch+).

But I will remind you, in what is likely to be my shortest post ever, that the Jays will immediately put Overbay, McDonald, EE, Wells, Frasor, Camp, Tallet (as if) and maybe Gregg through the waiver wire and hope they all clear. Either now, or perhaps later for strategic reasons, Downs, Buck, and Bautista will be tried too - though any of those three will surely be claimed, it's not impossible the Jays would match up on a deal with the claiming team.

I'd be STUNNED if there were not a couple of Jays major leaguers dealt in August.

Big losers in Jays system today: Roenicke, Accardo, and Carlson.

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