Sunday, 11 July 2010

So, here we go

You might notice the photograph at the right of this page - that's a signal the the Trade Deadline Primer is ready for purchase. I confess that this sort of marketing is all new too me so if i sound like an amateur, that's to be expected. I don't have the salesman's flair to sit here and tell you why you should buy this book - I'm still in a bit of shock that I was selected to participate (and the peanut gallery agrees!) but that said, I'm not ashamed of the results that were produced. Beyond the natural hazards of intervening events undermining your speculation (for instance, my mentioning the Rangers as a team that might have an interest in Shaun Marcum) I think that the results were quite satisfying.

I would venture this caveat also - most of my readers are pretty well informed folk. I'm not unaware that, no matter how in depth my analysis, a lot of you already know a lot of what I wrote about the Jays. I don't know any way around that dilemma, but I would also point out that even if that's true, you will likely still benefit a good bit from gaining a similar insight into the other 29 teams, as their fans will hopefully gain some insight into the Blue Jays.

In any case, I'm not above a direct plea, both for the income and the visibility, I hope that you do buy a copy of this book, and I hope that you enjoy it. And beyond that, if you do, I hope you will suggest it to others. After all, it's actually been proofread!

Here's the link where you can buy the e-book:

The Southpaw's Blue Jays 2010 Trade Deadline Primer

and here's a link where you can download, for free, a quarterbook sample to give you an idea what's inside:


I'll be spamming some of my friends in the blogosphere about this - hope you guys can overlook a bit of shameless self promotion.


Ian H. said...

So far so good Will, I'm really enjoying it. Great job!

The Southpaw said...


I'm not above hoping you pimp it if you like it ;)