Monday, 9 August 2010

Off Day Rant

Don't get me wrong here, i know before i start there's nothing for it. I understand the economics of it and am resigned to my fate. all the same, every now and then I have to just rant for the sake of release, ya know?

The one unpleasant thought of this past weekend for me is this - I didn't SEE any of it. The problem with following a team that's over 800 miles from your home is bad enough. Compound that problem with the fact that said team doesn't count in ESPN's ratings driven world and the pickings get very slim. Most years, I get to watch the Jays play the White Sox maybe two times on WGN. Every 2-3 years they will turn up as an alternate game on ESPN2 or something, if they happen to be playing an interesting (to aAericans) team and the rest of the schedule is spoken for or particularly ugly. It's now been over 11 years since the Jays were featured in the Sunday night game of the week. To my knowledge, they have NEVER been involved in a Fox featured game on Saturday afternoon.

I've long since gotten over being pissed about it - I'm a victim of circumstances much bigger than me. But at least those of you who live nearby and go to a dozen games a year and watch most of the rest on TV can sympathize when my writing is more about roster maneuvering and stats than it is about a great play or whatever. One thing more I'll say, don't underestimate your good fortune that you have a team right at hand to support.

So the next time you guys get together over a brew at the pub to toast or roast the Jays, take one drink for the guys (whether they be in Mississippi or Vancouver) who are long distance fans.

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Jonathan Reimer said...

I hear you...I lived in Toronto and had season tickets for many years. That in itself was a dream come true for me. I have since left and now live on the West Coast and sorely miss the baseball vibe one finds away from the Pacific.

I have caved and bought a PS3 system - there is an app that allows me to watch all games through the PS3, onto my TV...very easy. Digital quality, no need for cable.

Anonymous said...

Try being on the other side of the Atlantic- scotland to be more specific :O

The Southpaw said...


Kasi said...

They were on a TBS sunday game early this year. Against the Yankees. Was a Morrow start where he was pretty dominant.