Thursday, 11 August 2011

Have Fun With it

My apologies to whoever's photo this is that I just hijack to make a funneh. Hopefully no one gets offended. But you got to laugh at all this stupidity.

I really don't have a reason to make a post except to get that picture posted someplace but just to give you a little baseball related tidbit - Adeiny Hechavarria has been promoted to AAA. You shouldn't read too much into this but one of two things is potentially true (with other variants in between):

1. This means nothing to the overall plan and he will go back to the minors, potentially even AA, next spring with a progress plan that would bring him to the majors for good in late 2013 (he'll be out of options if he goes back to the minors in '12 and '13) and a full time major leaguer (not necessarily starter) beginning in 2014. OR

2. the jays are looking at Hill's production and saying "if we're going to carry an empty bad anyway, why not get an insane glove at SS in the bargain" and thinking about how it would work to move Esco over to 2B next spring and instal Hechavarria at SS. In my mind the risk with this option is that potential that you permanently stunt his offensive growth (which, traditionally, you'd expect to happen more in the minors than in the majors). but I can'trule the possibility out on that basis.

Am I the only one who's getting antsy for the draft signing news to start rolling in?!


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Mylegacy said...


I see a 3rd possible reasoning for the Hech Harlequinade; since he's been hitting a bit better of late why not send him to the Hitters Heaven of Lost Wages and see if everyone's 300+ average rubs off on him. Give him a chance to succeed where even Snider can mash!

Who knows - he might just get the gist - n'est pas?