Sunday, 14 August 2011

September call-ups?

Alex Anthopoulos gave me some additional context this morning for the subject of September recalls, according to Richard Griffin on Twitter, when he said that September call ups would be from the Vegas roster and not New Hampshire. it's safe to assume that this reflects an interest in keeping the NH roster intact for a playoff run and it's not crazy to think the team things it will be good for the prospects on that team to win a championship . . .

Which, by the way, is also likely the reason that the mighty Lansing outfield is still in Lansing. Both the A-level teams are playoff contenders but Lansing Features a much stronger "atmosphere" due to bigger crowds and is probably better for that undefinable "winning experience" mentality.

. . . so this rules out my previous hunch that Travis d'Arnaud might get a taste of the big leagues this year - but fuels my hunch about the AFL. More on that later. Alex also said the recalls from Vegas would arrive two days after the Vegas season ended which would is September 5.

So . . . a guess . . .

Snider, Loewen and Cooper seem obvious. There will be a catcher - probably Bubbe and I'm leaning towards predicting Hech gets to come too, though Alex says that's not certain. McCoy will come of course. On the pitching side, it's a given Drabek comes back and probably PJ Walters since he's on the 40. Disabled pitchers Villaneuva and Tallet will be added. The remaining question is whether or not McGowan counts when he says "none from the Fishercats" - my guess is he does not and he'll be recalled in September.

If I understand the (poorly reported) Eastern league playoff schedule they will be done no later than 9/17 and the AFL starts 10/4. Speaking of McGowan, he could theoretically help carry them through the playoffs (standing in for Alvarez, in essence) and still get three major league starts. It seems to be that the EL playoff schedule looks like this (with projected rotation):

9/7 - McGowan
9/8 - Jenkins
9/9 - Molina
9/10 -(if necessary) McGuire
9/11 - (if necessary) Carreno

9/13 - McGowan
9/14 - Jenkins
9/15 - Molina
9/16 - (if necessary) McGuire
9/17 - (if necessary) Carreno

If McGowan flew out the next morning he could start on the 18th, 23rd and 28th in Tornto - or if they had him return after he pitched on the 13th and not stay for the celebration they'd have even more options. Honestly, I could see them doing either (recalling him on September 1 or letting him ride the playoff run).

Oh, and by the way, heck of a game on Saturday. I'd assumed Friday was the winnable game so I was not expecting much (even had it been the regular lineup) so it was definitely impressive. And as i write that Lawrie just drove in Rasmus in the bottom of the ninth to tie today's game! Go Jays!


Mylegacy said...

This is a piss-off.

I agree completely with you Tammy. Am I a bore or what?

B. J. Birdieturdies said...

And what exactly does "a piss-off" mean if you pardon my ignorance?

Shame about D'Arnaud though. Would have loved to seen him sooner.

So who'll be the trade bait? TDA or JPA? My hunch is JPA is being showcased this year.

BuffaloSojourn said...

When is McGowan's second 30-day rehab assignment done?
Perhaps Alverez goes back down when McGowan comes up?