Monday, 24 October 2011

Quick Hit 2: Electric Boogaloo

Despite everything you have heard me say about the Jays adding a domestic FA starting pitcher, i'm very much in favor of making a play for Roy Oswalt if for whatever reason we don't get Darvish. He's old enough that a short contract (no more that 3 years) will work, yet good enough to be worth the risk. Yes he had injury issues this year, but the Jays are well suited to patch over any absence he might have left in him. He brings legitimate Ace-level credibility and when healthy he's a 200 IP horse.

The flip side is that Oswalt is from Mississippi (not very far from me, actually) and it's possible he's one of those folks that will simply not consider playing in Canada. Would be pretty cool if Alex could get Doc to say some kind things about T.O. - eh?


NorthYorkJays said...

I think the only way Roy Oswalt considers Toronto is if you throw so much $ at him he can't resist it. Otherwise he'll just go to a team like Texas where he's closer to home and has a better chance to win.

The Southpaw said...

Yeah, Texas would definitely be the big competition. The question is can someone bag him while everyone else is waiting on Darvish?

Or vice versa - will, for instance, Texas and NY switch off to the known quantity in Oswalt and leave an opening on Yu?

Anonymous said...

Oswalt projects as a type A free agent. I'd bet that if the Jays are going to sacrifice their 1st rounder, they'd rather go for a higher reward than Roy O. Unless he's the 2nd type A they sign...but lets be serious - they aren't signing top level free agents this year.

The Southpaw said...

My assumption is that the Philles would not risk offering Arb (which they would surely lose) after not picking up the option.

That said, if I were GM and my choices were to sign Oswalt for 3 years, or Pujols/Fielders for 6 or more...or everyone else (Papelbon et al)

I go with Oswalt.

Although I'd also be willing to gamble going that long on Pujols, despite age I think he's going to be closer to full value in the out hears than Fielder.

Not that I expect it but it would be mighty impressive to do both.