Monday, 24 October 2011

Quick hit: Farrell and Boston

You might not know this about me, but I'm a Star Trek geek, and also a bigger fan than you might guess of (sometimes obscure) pop-culture references.

there's a scene in Star Trek III which reminds me of the current mini-stir over the idea of Farrell to Boston as their next manager.

On the surface, while I like Farrell fine, and thought he got better as the season progressed, and while I'm really impressed with his openness to self analysis (unlike a certain other manager I recall who thought he never erred if you listen to his public remarks) I do recognize that there's a limit to how many extra wins a manager gets you and would be willing to be overpaid by another team if they wanted him bad enough. I do have an issue with the idea we wouldn't ask for compensation but I'll leave that thought for another time and place.

Anyway - the big problem here is the massive condescension of the Red Sox and the media that presume that any fool who could leave Toronto for Boston would obviously do so. THAT contempt changes the equation for me.

In the movie, there's a scene in which the Klingon captain (played by the wonderful Christopher Lloyd) has the drop on Kirk and the rest of the good guys. Kirk asks the Klingon to "let the boy go" and the Klingon replies "NO!" and Kirk asks "why not? He means nothing to you" and the Klingon replies "Because you wish it!!!"

That's my message to Boston - the simple fact that you, of all teams, want him is enough for me to say "NO!" I don't need a more complicated reason than that.

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