Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Prospect Week Continues!

This whole business of having a deep deep system takes on a new context given the news of the new CBA today. Frankly, I like Kevin Goldstien's take that pretty much the only good thing to come out of it (in terms of acquiring amateur talent) is the agreement to move up the signing deadline.

That said, my tinfoil hat theory is that Paul Beeston saw this coming (having worked closely with Uncle Bud) and that factored into Alex's plan to do crazy balls-out system building now, then turn into big-market monsters when they were ready - with "ready" being defined as "when MLB changes the whole dynamic." I suspect that Anthopoulos already has a plan in the works for how to keep succeeding in the new paradigm.

For some good takes on the situation, see Dave Cameron's piece for Fangraphs, Jim Callis' revised thoughts for Baseball America For Jays specific content, there's a great read (as always) From Shi Davidi, and Stoten's comments on DJF (which includes some further linkage). One further thought, Kelly Johnson is now a "modified Type A" which means that should another team sign him, the jays will get a pick in front of their first pick, but that team won't actually lose their own pick. I can't help but notice that the Twins (at #2) Cubs (#6), Marlins (#9) Rockies (#10) and Mets (#12) could all use a guy like Kelly Johnson at 2B next year . . . just sayin'!

And with that, I'll dive into the next batch of players on the list.

75. Dave Rollins (LHP) - kinda low pick in '11, did pretty well
74. Jon Diaz (SS) - the next John McDonald?
73. Jon Talley (C/1B) - Not too late for him to bust out if power holds up
72. Darin Mastorianni (CF) - sure seems fringy to me
71. Jesus Tinoco (RHP) - Signed this month, little info other than bonus
70. Jorge Vega-Rosado (SS) - Could make big leap if production continues
69. Alberto Torado (P) - Summer bonus baby, not a lot of info
68. Matt Wright (LHP) - Might lose in minor league portion of Rule 5 draft
67. Chad Beck (RHP) - Recent high praise justified?
66. Casey Lawrence (RHP) - Has done well for undrafted free agent
65. K.C. Hobson (1B) - very disappointing year
64. Keenen Bailli (OF) - Japanese import, unheralded for a reason apparently
63. Eric Acre (OF) - Undersized, but showed a lot of power
62. Danny Barnes (RHP) - low minors relievers are often illusions
61. Yeyfry Del Rosario (RHP) - little notice 2010 bonus baby, might be something there
60. Evan Crawford (LHP) - Added to 40, Jays must see something
59. Dalton Pompey (OF) - Some consider him a sleeper to watch
58. Brad Glenn (OF) - old for his league, but props for results
57. Daniel Webb (RHP) - headed to relief, Jays apparently like his profile there
56. Sean Ochinko (C/3B/1B) - off year, gets a mulligan
55. Tyler Ybarra (LHP) - a most promising sleeper
54. Gus Pierre (SS) - how long will they endure his SS defense?
53. Danny Farquhar (RHP) - marginal guy probably
52. Gabriel Cenas (3B) - Still in DSL, too early to tell on this bonus baby
51. Brad Mills (LHP) - likely can't succeed in Toronto. Needs trade.

Coming soon: the real meet of the system is on the horizon with 50-26 up next.


Anonymous said...

Where do you see Frank Gailey in the mix

The Southpaw said...

I have him at 105

gabriel said...

Among these guys, I like Ybarra and Arce best. We do have a bunch of middling relief prospects, don't we, with Beck, Farquhar, Matt Wright, Evan Crawford, Webb and Barnes. Any one of them could become useful, but none have much of an upside.

It's pretty much impossible to evaluate the international bonus babies at this point.

Anonymous said...

how did he go in your top 60 last year to 105? i think he will be in majors this year and provide a solid option for the pen