Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Quick Hit: The Summer of Dusty

Bigger works in progress, but I can't resist this observation: I for one am beginning to get an irrational but irresistible vibe that the feel-good story of 2012 in major league baseball is going to be our own beloved Dustin McGowan.

Even before the spring games have begun, the trickle of praise has turned into a stream and may become a river even before opening day. Dusty through BP today and the results were impressive enough to send the journalists to their keyboards.

From John Lott:

In the early days of spring training, John Farrell has been careful not to praise his pitchers after a short mound session against batters who behave like statues.

But on Tuesday, the Toronto Blue Jays manager could not hold his reserve. It was a hot day and maybe the sunshine was getting to him. But Farrell had also just watched Dustin McGowan throw 25 pitches to five teammates, some of whom muttered about the filth the big right-hander was serving up.

And from Shi Davidi:

The right-hander, catching people’s eye with his command and stuff, dazzled teammates Adam Lind, Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar with his slider and changeup, each of them taking turns walking out of the cage shaking his head.

Farrell, too, came away impressed, pushing aside the usual caution he’s used in assessing his pitchers thus far.

"The fact that he was down in the strike zone, with the kind of power he had, with the heaviness to his fastball, the action to his secondary stuff – he was impressive today, there’s no doubt," Farrell said.

Call me crazy but I'm already wondering how they shut him down at 150 innings in he's among the league leaders . . .

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mathesond said...

Oh heck, they probably shut him down the same way the Nationals will shut down Strasburg and the Cardinals will (likely) shut down Wainwright