Monday, 30 April 2012

Just so you know . .

I try, for the most part, to focus the content of this blog almost entirely on the Blue Jays and their system. You know by now that i refrain from comments on other baseball teams for the most part, except as how they relate to the Jays, or on other sports at all. Also, with the occasional rare exception i don't talk much about what's going on in my life or what else I do. But it occurs to me that from time to time there are long gaps (long in my view anyway) between posts here and that looks kind of lazy on my part (well, I am kind of lazy, but that's a different story).

The truth is that i'm trying to get a writing career off the ground, while at the same time being terminally unemployed and constantly looking for income. Plain and simple. You may remember that six weeks or so back I did an off-topic post announcing the publication of my e-book Painted Ponies. That's the tip of the iceberg. I'm working, ever so slowly, on a novel that i need to be working much harder on and it takes away writing time from other things, but it's the future. So there may be times when I just don't find the day-to-day machinations of the Blue Jays compelling enough to take time out and post here instead of working on the book, particularly as the field of Blue Jays blogs is more and more saturated with content. if i may say, off topic, when some of the more popular bloggers get into what is essentially full time paid blogging such that they can afford to throw up several posts a day, folks like me simply can't play in that arena..

Also, I have a few other things that I keep my hand in in an effort to both raise my profile (for the books) and bring in a little revenue. For instance, writing for and blogging about my other major interest (which those of you who've known me for years know about).

I really regret that I am forced to neglect this space at times in favor of these other goals. But I'm in a position where I have to make some choices which generate income. I've been unemployed for almost 2 years, and my UI benefits have been exhausted for over nine months. The job search has been insanely unproductive and there's not a lot of prospects on that front. So for my few loyal readers, be patient with me as I try to make things happen which will help turn this thing around.


DJaysM said...

Take your time, and look after your personal life first. We'll be here to read your Jays blog when you have time.
I always enjoy your posts, looking forward to more when there is time.

Burger_Man said...

No worries Tammy. I have enjoyed your insights (especially on the minors system) for several years, so your input will be missed. But you certainly owe your readership nothing in the way of regular posts. Best wishes in the job hunt - I'll keep you on the RSS feed to watch for new posts when you are so inspired.

The Southpaw said...

one of the the frustrating things is I keep getting these offers for ad placement in articles. I've long resisted any content that i couldn't justify under the model of the blog, but don't be shocked if you see something from time to time that makes you scratch your head.

Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.