Friday, 13 April 2012

One Week in the Books

Catch your breath, look around, take in the scenery, what do you see?

Looking at the big league club, I'm mostly pleased. The starting pitching has been almost uniformly excellent, the the bullpen has turned in a lot of good work, two blown saves notwithstanding, and the staff overall has a 2.57 ERA.

The hitters are not yet where they need to be but I have a theory about that (which also applies to Sergio Santos in the first couple of outings) - they seem to be a bit TOO keyed up with their big expectations. almost as if the expectation of winning every game (which is good) leads to too much pressing to put every game away (which isn't).

To the surprise of many, Kelly Johnson, Edwin Encarnacion, and Raji Davis have carried the offense which, despite a lot of struggling, has still scored an above average number of runs. The next six games at home feature three against the worst team in the division and three against what may be the best. it should be a fascinating early season barometer for whether they are going to settle quickly into a groove or continue to be slightly off-balance.

Looking across the farm system, I just want to note the guys who are making a case to climb the prospect list out of the gate. I won't say too much about disappointments as the sample size is too ridiculous too speak negatively about anyone. also, there's less to say about the guys who are already top-10 guys, it's more about the lesser lights who are shining brighter.

Here's the Southpaw Hot Sheet for the week (in future weeks there will be a "not" list too)

1. Sean Nolin, SP, Dunedin - if you are not paying attention to this guy, WAKE UP! He pitched as great a game Thursday night as you will see in the Jays system this year. Don't sleep on him.

2. John Stilson, SP Dunedin - Is still building up his endurance, but hasn't given up a run in two appearances and has looked like everything we hoped he'd be.

3. Adeiny Hechavarria, SS Las Vegas - still hitting over .400 with consistent hard line-drive contact. Not just PCL inflation here so far.

4. Marcus Kencht, LF, New Hampshire - not a lightly regarded guy, but off to a hot start.

5 (tie) Justin Jackson and Brad Glenn, OF, New Hampshire - the former top-prospect Jackson and the always lightly regarded Glenn are carrying the NH offense right now.

HM: Andy Burns - I've noted a couple of scouts comment on Burns, the Lansing SS, as a nice sleeper to watch.

Who has impressed you so far?


Keith said...

For the most part I'm right in with you as to who has impressed me so far. Incredibly exited about Stilson; Happy with Nolin also. I'm just wary of guys with high 80s fastballs. As they tend to get exposed at higher levels.

The Hech haters need to just stop, as I think it is evident that he has made a turn. I don't expect a .400 hitter, but if he hits 320 in Vegas, I'll be thrilled as I believe that translates to .260ish.
I'm also impressed with Anthony Descafani(spelling is likely off) who has essentially matched Syndergaard pitch for pitch through 2 starts. Sanchez is also showing his potential. Nicolino is just Nicolino. I read one report that had scouts giving him a 70 on his change up right now and his fastball control and command is over the top. If he adds a few more pounds and can add a couple ticks to the fastball, the scouting report had him as a potential #1. As is they are seeing him as a #2! The report ended with saying he will be a well known national name by the end of this year.
I know it is a small sample size, but none of the prospects (or the major leaguers) have gotten off to a great starts with the stick. I hope this is not the year where we pitch and the offense disappears.

Unknown said...

I've been a Matt Wright fan for a couple of years and he's off to a great start. He was sent to AA yesterday.