Friday, 9 November 2012

The Season for Listing

We're in the midst of that very special season in which baseball fans seek out lists and make their own. One of my favorite pastimes, to be sure. While I'm in the midst of the ponderous process of doing the positional rankings, let me interrupt the series to report to you that two of the more respected major publications have listed their favorite Bllue Jays' prospects for the upcoming year.

Baseball America, of course, ranks as the Grande Dame of such endeavors. Their list contains at least one notable surprise:

1. Travis d'Arnaud
2. Jake Marisnick
3. Noah Syndergaard
4. Aaron Sanchez
5. Justin Nicolino
6. Roberto Osuna
7. Marcus Stroman
8. Adeiny Hechavarria
9. DJ Davis
10. John Stilson

Stilson,. of course, being the surprise as no one seems yet certain whether he will stick as a starter. But the reports suggest that if he is in the pen, it would be as a guy who has all the makings of a premium closer. His spot comes at the expense of Daniel Norris who just had too bad a year for some on their panel to be comfortable putting him in the top 10. Matt Smoral was also considered, and if he's anything like as good as many are saying, he may well be in there next time.

The other list that's out comes from the ever excellent Marc Hulet at Fangraphs.

1. Travis d'Arnaud
2. Aaron Sanchez
3. Noah Syndergaard
4. Roberto Osuna
5. Justin Nicolino
6. Jake Marisnick
7. DJ Davis
8. Daniel Norris
9. Sean Nolin
10. Adeiny Hechavarria
11. AJ Jimenez
12. Marcus Stroman
13. Santiago Nessy
14. Matt Smoral
15. Alberto Tirado

I'll reserve too much comment on any of these guys until i do my own lists, Still, this gives you a bit of an idea of how the lists flesh out (honestly, no one who's been paying atention should have much doubt who the first 5-6 guys are, even if they are not in the same order).

D click through the links and read they info available at the home sites.

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