Sunday, 7 March 2010

Obligatory Spring Post

Is it just me or is it getting more and more difficult to contribute something unique and original to the Jays' blogosphere?

Whatever it is one might propose to discuss, someone somewhere has probably already exhaustively covered the subject (as in the Tao's fine look at the rotation candidates).

So being at a loss for some transcendent truth to impart, let me settle instead for some which reactions to the spring events so far:

1. I'm just as frustrated with Cito's - check that, Clarance's - semi-regular "WTF?" moment as the rest of you - just completely tired of cataloging the events;

2. I am irrationally enthused with Arencibia's hot start, and am anxious to believe he'll join the Jays for good sometime in the second half of the season (hopefully after we score a prospect from some sucker for John Buck);

3. I'm kind of buying into the "Molina will be a great teacher for the young pitchers" meme, albeit I suppose Chavez would be a pretty good teacher himself;

4. Feeling real good about Marcum this year, despite those who would have me believe i should be concerned because he's coming off TJ . . . I'm also giddyly watching the progress of McGowan but much more in tune with the long odds against him being all the way back;

5. All the Zep-love is fun to hear ain't it?

6. Is it just me or does anyone else get the vibe that Clarance has a serious chip on his shoulder regarding Snider? part of me had almost rather see Snider in Vegas all year as to see him get yanked around by his Manager;

7. I'm sorry - I may eat my words down the line but I'm going to have to SEE JB hit RHP in a regular season game - in a LOT of regular season games - before I join the BAS. I'm a hard core skeptic of the Bautista at lead-off idea;

8. I'd be a lot more enthused about Ruiz if I thought it meant Lind in LF and Snider in RF most days for the jays....but then I'd have to wonder who the hell was going to lead off right? Sigh. Well, maybe he'll at least get to platoon with Overbay anyway;

9. Ruiz's success kind of makes me take a sad glance over at Dopirak but I don't really think the Jays have any intention of actually considering Dopirak for the April roster anyway - they would have promoted him faster last year if that were the case;

10. Am I the only one that wants to see Jason Frasor have a MONSTER year this year? Just, ya know, to get in the face of his detractors;

That's pretty much all I got right now...


Ian H. said...

The Ruiz/Dopirak thing is unfortunate because they're two guys who both deserve a fair chance to get playing time, but there is only enough room for one of them. Now with Wallace being shifted over to first base, I'm afraid that isn't good news for Brian.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think the Ruiz/Dopirak thing is true all over baseball. Its really not that hard to find a guy at 1st to play serviceable defence and add a bit of power. It makes breakthroughs for guys of that ilk very difficult unless they have been "can't miss" prospects in the past.

Mylegacy said...

Anonymous - I understand the pain of being an "almost".

I was the last cut from my High School tiddlywink team. I was a former top prospect passed by younger guys with keener eyes and faster tiddlies. At least I could out wink them - for all the good that did me!


Andy Mc said...

you took words out of my mouth. many of them, other than your pessimism about the star of 2010, jose bautista.