Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Something to consider?

According to MLBTR the Nats have unconditionally released Elijah Dukes. He's experienced (if not great) in RF a and he's only 25. At first blush, it seems a slam dunk that Dukes would be a superior option to Gathright and Reed.

What am I missing here?

In 2008, ostensibly his breakout season, he was a 2.8 WAR player, making positive contributions on both offense and defense. Further, he hit well vs both RH and LH pitching, and had a high enough OBP that he could fit not unreasonably as a lead-off hitter.

If the Jays are committed to the idea that Snider will end up in LF, the chance to grab a guy who might turn into the RF solution until Sierra or some other prospect comes along would seem a no-brainer.

That said, the report suggested that the Nats tried to trade him to pretty much anyone and came up short. You can't help but wonder why a team like the Jays wouldn't have spared a marginal reliever or some such just to get a first shot at seeing what he's got. If all it costs us is Steve Stifole or something, where's the harm?

Again, what am I missing here?


Mylegacy said...

Dukes is a thug. A seriously disturbed guy. We don't need him tainting the team.

Having said that - the guy is damn near a force of nature and IF he ever grows up or reforms - WOW. The ONLY way I would even consider him is if he found Christ - or some other Invisible Spaghetti Monster and let his delusion lead him instead of his serious temper.

The Southpaw said...

Meh. He hasn't been in trouble in three years.

For a 25 year old that's an eternity.

Anonymous said...

Last I read he has never played up to his potential, has a poor reputation, and has had an abysmal spring.