Tuesday, 30 March 2010

That was fast

Figures. When I finally break down and get "in depth" they turn around and prove me wrong.

As you probably know by now the Jays optioned Reed, Purcey and Jesse Carlson to the AAA team today. Anthopoulos explains that Carlson simply needs more innings to be ready. While he obviously didn't give anything else away, my quick read on this is that it means one of Eveland or Tallet will be in the bullpen to open the season and one of the kids will be in the rotation. Assuming of course that they make a priority of having two lefties.

Update: Bastian tweets that Zep has a fractured finger. Thus he's out for at least six weeks. That leaves Eveland, Tallet, and Cecil for two spots. And if both the vets are in the rotation, then there's a chance the jays either go with only one LH reliever until Carlson is ready (good news for Accardo) or have to recal Purcey yo fill that role. personally, as much as I think the logic of having stopgap vets in the rotation is sound, I can't help but have an emotional interest in Cecil making the rotation now, with Tallet in the pen.

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