Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Love AA

By request, and with apologies to Randy Newman:

Everybody hated JP,
He was a smart-ass
every move he made caused bitchin'
And don''t get me started on Gord Ash, son
Estiban Loaiza is enough said
but there's a whole lot more

But now we got a bright young man
with ideas and plans for years to come
gonna take us back to the glory days
Man it's been too long

Rolled up his sleeves and got to work
Traded Doc and got a mint
hired a thousand scouts
he's always thinkin', always five moves ahead

From the draft picks, to the Cuban,
Getting Morrow, Dealing Vernon
Everybody's very happy
'Cause the man can't lose, got a golden touch
Wonder what he'll do today?

I love AA (We love him!)
I love AA! (We love him!)

Look over at Drabek
Take a look at Lawrie
Look at the flamethrower,
racking up 17 k's
Look at those prospects
Ain't nothing like them anywhere

I love AA (We love him!)
I love AA! (We love him!)

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