Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Say hello to the new closer! (Again!)

Now we're talking.

Yes yes, just as soon as we think we can comment on the shape of the roster (as i did last night) Alex pulls another deal out of his hat.

Yes yes, now we have more RHRP than we have ushers. More on that in a bit. for now, though, let's review the breaking news:

The Jays have dealt Mike Napoli to Texas for Frank Francisco. There's some indication they might be getting some cash back in the deal as well. Francisco is the obvious choice now to be the Blue Jays' closer, IMO.

Over the last three seasons, in a very hitter-friendly park, Francisco has posted an ERA of 3.54 but more importantly, 10.9 K/9 and 3.39 K/BB and further, after April 10 last year his ERA was 2.84, "losing" his job to phenom Neftali Feliz aside. Maybe it's my bias towards high strikeout guys but i think you have to close with this guy.

Of course, now you have no less than seven guys who obviously belong in your bullpen who are right-handed - Francisco, Rauch, Dotel, Frasor, Camp, Janssen, and Villianueva. someone has GOT to go. for me, that ought be Dotel, and one of Vilianueva, Frasor, Janssen or Camp as well. not that I have anything specifically against any of those guys (though I have no sentiment for Villianueva and would miss him least) but I'm not comfortable with crowding out ALL the lefties.

Anyway, I'll update this as we find out more but I approve of the deal. So far.

(also, I did say in the previous remarks that the Jays might trade one of these guys to Texas - I just thought it would be the other one)

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Mylegacy said...

Tammy - I think this is a good deal. Napoli really was only useful as a platoon RH bat (or bat off the bench) against lefties.

Frank could very well be the closer. Heck, we've four semi-proven closers Frank, Frasor, Rauch and Dotel. AA is right to want a powerful pen with young starters. Clearly the final seven will be at least - very, very solid!

I haven't been commenting here much lately - been busy - but still read every day - and still continue to be impressed. Keep up the good work.

Off-Topic: I know you're from the "southern states" somewhere but I was just thinking I bet living here on the Pacific Ocean in Nanaimo, BC I'm further from Toronto than you are. Whole lotta real estate in North America, eh?