Friday, 26 August 2011

Follow Friday!

Occasionally I do a few #ff posts on twitter noting all the Blue Jays players who tweet (or at least, have accounts) but there are getting to be so VERY many that I figured why not blow it up and give you more than just names. What follows is as comprehensive list as I can make, broken up by level and with comments where appropriate:

Toronto Blue Jays (11 players)

@JoeyBats19 - Jose Bautista validates my favorite nickname for him
@jparencibia9 - JP Arencibia, a must-follow
@Lunchboxhero45 - Travis Snider, yes, damnit, he's a Blue Jay as far as I'm concerned
@Encadwin - Edwin Encarnacion, new to the twitter game
@blawrie13 - Brett Lawrie, the King of Canada
@RealColbyRasmus - Colby Rasmus, doesn't tweet that much
@ESPY_TEAHEN - Mark Teahan
@Joeycatch8 - Newest major league Jay on Twitter, likey recruited by JP. often tweets in Spanish
@RickyRo24 - Always upbeat
@2Morrow23 - smart guy
@JesseLitsch - not always just baseball

Las Vegas 51's (1)

@ronuviedo_07 - Ron Uvideo

New Hampshire Fishercats
(lots of interaction on long bus trips)

@Travisdarnaud -Travis d'Arnaud
@MacDizzleMan - Mike McDade
@Yan_AGomes - Yan Gomes
@Deckdeisel - John Tolisano
@deckmcguire - Deck McGuire
@Jenknutz - Chad Jenkins
@1DrewHutch - Drew Hutchison
@FrankGailey - Frank Gailey
@Kho4 - Kevin Howard

Dunedin Blue Jays (10)
(not as many high profile guys)

@ajjim6 - AJ Jiminez
@rgoins5 - Ryan Goins
@thebigshow - Sean Ochinko
@JaxChillinONE - Justin Jackson (maybe the most prolific minor league tweeter)
@talley4cali - Jon Talley
@ItsKennyWilson - Kenny Wilson
@sukbrikkid27 - Joe Bowen
@AsherWojo - Asher Wojciechewski
@caseylawrence - Casey Lawrence
@scottgracey - Scott Gracey
@chop510 - Chris Hopkins

Lansing Lugnuts (12)
(most of the bullpen is tweeting)

@JakeMarisnick - Jake Marisnick
@MarcusallenK - Marcus Knecht
@_crouse_ - Michael Crouse
@JonJones707 - Jon Jones
@JackMurphy219 - Jack Murphy
@NoahSyndergaard - Noah Syndergaard
@Sean_Nolin - Sean Nolin
@DjbMantis - Daniel Barnes
@Brandon_Berl - Brandon Berl
@GriFF720 - Shawn Griffith
@S_Strickland34 - Sam Strikland
@MattFields18 - Matt Fields
@jma32 - John Anderson

Vancouver Canadians (7)
(more relievers)

@ksween22 - Kellen Sweeney (virtually never tweets)
@SteveMcQuail - Steve McQuail
@BryanLongpre - Bryan Longpre
@drewpermison - Drew Permison
@PBrua_6 - Phillip Brua
@schaef18 - Chris Schaffer

Bluefield Blue Jays (4)
(five of the draftees are on this team as well)

@SirArthurC - Art Charles
@Tucker_Jensen - Tucker Jensen
@BearJew36 - Ian Kadish
@Boomer2788 - Drew Elliot

Gulf Coast Blue Jays (1)
(wildly under-represented - Jake Anderson is here too)

@Murph14 - Griffin Murphy

2011 draftees (12) (including those assigned to teams above)

@Jake_Anderson22 - Jake Anderson
@musgrove23Jays - Joe Musgrove
@kevcomer - Kevin Comer
@DanielNorris18 - Daniel Norris
@tomrobson15 - Tom Robson
@TonyTones16 - Anthony DeSclarfani
@Mark_Biggs - Mark Biggs
@Matt_Dean_10 - Matt Dean
@EArce813 - Eric Arce
@KPILLAR4 - Kevin Pillar
@Sik28 - Arik Sikula
@LesRWilliams - Lew Williams
@Farrell48 - Shane Farrell

An incredible 68 players! and there might be a few of whom I'm unaware.

EDIT: Updated to add April's two and two other new names. Somehow I missed Sean Nolin, and the recently joined Noah Syndergaard; and again to add draftee Tom Robson..

Official twitter accounts of the teams:


And if that's not enough, few major media sources and or professional evaluators most of whom you likely already follow:



I'll catch up on my thoughts on various roster moves next time. I'll conclude here only by observing how bad i feel for Travis Snider. Kid REALLY needs to catch a break next year.


April Whitzman said...

Hey! Thought I'd let you know of some of the ones I noticed you were missing: @ronuviedo_07 and @Kho4. Will go through my list and let you know if there are any others! Great post!

Mylegacy said...

Firstly, Tammy - well done!

Secondly, Betcha Didn't See This Coming: While I often go to twitter sites - mostly guys like KLaw, Callis, Goldstein, etc., I've never actually uttered a twit. I am as it were, sans twits in Nanaimo. There, I feel better now, that it's out and in the open.

Tammy - as always - love your stuff!