Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Man's Work

Lisa Winston (whom?) at just released the officially-sanctioned Jays minor league overview from Bud Selig's jewel-encrusted throne room at MLB headquarters, and I've got to say that all things considered I do much prefer the one found here.

The piece is written for an audience that's broader than Jaysdom and is part of a series that goes around the horn, profiling a different organization every day. Missourians and drunken loaners alike eagerly await the upcoming profile on the St Louis Cardinals.

There are some cons, such as evaluating players on a ladder scale (climbers, slippers and holders) by looking exclusively at counting stats, and some pros: the sweet, sweet quality video of some lesser known prospects.

Being Wednesday, however, there's plenty of other entertaining stuff and such you could be reading to waste time at work instead.

-- Johnny Was


Lloyd the Barber said...

As far as time wasting on the AV Club goes, if you aren't reading the New Cult Canon, you are truly wasting your time.

The Southpaw said...

Damn, that was supposed to be a link to Savage Love. There's some freaky shit going down over there.