Thursday, 2 October 2008

Softly softly, catchy monkey

Pat Gillick, eh? Why not? I'm sure he's already got his own retro jersey.

Being serious now.

Away from The Southpaw I'm a grad student closing in on PhD in history, where I specialize in 20th Century international relations and American foreign policy. Every year I mark dozens of exams where undergrads try to spew out everything they memorized during the cram session the night before regardless of whether it's coherent or appropriate to the question.

That's what happened tonight in America.

Well, McCain still has Macedonia in his back pocket.



eyebleaf said...

Biden was great tonight. Palin was alrite too, but her goal was to not look like a bumbling idiot. So, when expectations are that low, it's tough to be surprised that she met them.

I'm Canadian, but Obama/Biden 08: Yes We Can

dave said...

American politics = too much hype.

Palin is cute, though, admit it.

The Southpaw said...

Johnny, man, I'm beggin ya....PLEASE don't make me have to put up with this shit HERE too!!!

I know virtually all Canadians would be hard core Democrats if they were Americans but....if I have to endure Obamamania even here, I swear you won't see me again until mid-November.


dave said...

Looks like Will is Baracktose Intolerant like myself.

Baracktose intolerant (buh-RAK-tohs in-TOL-er-uhnt) adj. An increasingly common medical condition in which the affected person becomes violently sick in the stomach when exposed to adulation and deification of Barack Obama.

Example: Though he was originally quite fond of Barack Obama, the weekly meetings of the University Democrats made Tom increasingly Baracktose intolerant.

The Southpaw said...

You should try to be a little more sensitive, Will. I suppose I could've written about the Cubs-Dodgers series, but I find that completely boring.

That Global Electoral College tracker is pretty cool and I just wanted to link it in a short post on Gillick. It's ok if people outside America take an interest in the election there, really.


The Southpaw said...

And in fairness, you can slag off any of the party leaders running in the Canadian election if you like. There's the weiner French guy, the heartless nerd, the French guy who hates the rest of the country, the mustache guy who never stops taking, and that new dame nobody really knows anything about.


Ian H. said...

I prefer McCain/Palin only because it would make for better episodes of SNL with cameos from Tina Fey

The Southpaw said...

Dude, I can't even go to porn sites lately without seeing it. I'm all for Canadians or anyone else having an interest and discussing it, but I'd love to have a politics free zone somewhere on line.