Thursday, 20 November 2008

Never Mind!

It was bound to happen sooner or later. It happened last night. Sometimes i get caught up in a wave of explaining why an idea works and don't do my due diligence. One of the comments on my last post made me realize what I had failed to do - check to see if Ryan Theriot is for real (because getting a quality SS was the whole point).

Having looked at his minor league numbers, in my judgment, he's not. His OBP does seem to be marginally higher than Scutaro's, and he is younger, but the rest of his game is so thoroughly underwhelming that he's clearly not a target worth so much effort.

That being the case, there's far less motivation for the big crazy deal.

Plus, as a way of trying to redeem SOME value from this whole sorry exercise (a lesser man would just delete that post and pretend it never happened!), I should say again that i'm still inclined to think Wells will opt out IF he's still playing a competent CF in 2011. Maybe will anyway. To many people who think it's an awful deal forget market inflation. Every year the market goes up, Wells becomes less overpaid.

I'll expand on this thought in my next post.

Anyway, given my new understanding of Ryan Theriot, I withdraw the previous suggestion.


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Anonymous said...

you want wild and crazy, how 'bout signing Sheets and Penny and trading Doc to the Brewers for Braun and Hardy - assuming Doc would waive his NTC.