Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Michael Barrett?

Jordan Bastian reports the Jays have talked to Michael Barrett about the back-up catcher job and would like to bring him in on a minor league contract. Even though he's two years removed from his last good year, I'd be cool with that - enthusiastic even, especially if we can get him without a guarantee. With any luck he'd hit well and take the job away from Barajas when RB doesn't. (You may have guessed I'm not a Barajas fan).

Speaking of minor league contracts, there's a note on MLBTR that the agent for Mosies Alou approched the Reds (and got nowhere). I had assumed the 42 year old Alou had retired, but if he'd be willing to come to spring training as a non-roster invitee, I'd give him a look. His last four seasons with the Mets, Giants, and Cubs (before missing virtually all of last year to injury) he posted an OPS+ over 130. What could it hurt to see if he could at least start the year at DH? Certainly it shouldn't comst much money.

There's been talk connecting the Jays to Ty Wigginton and he's a good hitter who'd help the Jays but it's anyone's guess what it means to the current roster (other than the fact that, if the payroll claims are true, it guarantees someone wouldbe leaving). The question I have, though, is this - at one point the Astros actually considered non-tendering Wiginto (according to reports) so he can't be that pricey - so why wouldn't the team who might be trading for Overbay or Rolen (assuming the most obvious choices to be replaced by Wigginton) not simply deal for Wigginton themselves?


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eyebleaf said...

I like Barajas, but his OBP makes me want to puke. Here's hoping we can bring in Barrett.