Monday, 8 December 2008


John Sickels has his Top 20 Jays prospect list up and it makes for great reading. While the order is somewhat different, his to 5, top 8, and top 10 are the same guys that are on my list and 9 of 10 match up with Baseball American's Top 10 list. There seems to be a pretty strong consensus about who the top guys are.

Sickels does have a few ranking worth noting-
* He has David Cooper #3 which is the highest I've seen him;
*He thinks Justin Jackson will hit;
*He has Eric Thames at #12 which is a very impressive ranking;
*Luis Perez at #13 surprised me;
*Andrew Liebel at #14 is encouraging;
*Chad Beck, the pitcher acquired from Arizona for David Eckstien, comes in at #19 which shocks me (in a pleasant way);

If you are a prospect hound, you probably already know about Sickels site but if not, check it out.



Anonymous said...

The fact is, JJ raked in two months this year, was average in another and tanked in two months. That tells me he can hit, and as he matures, will do so more consistently.

Mark me Horatio, JJ will be our top prospect next year.

The Southpaw said...

I hope you are right because he's certainly my "pet"

I'd like nothing better that to see us have a true all-star quality SS for a change.