Monday, 15 December 2008

Target: NOT Furcal

According to Jordan Bastian, and other sources the Jays have been pushed out of the Furcal market. Please, do yourself a favor (and me too) and don't start ruminating about Orlando Cabrera or some other veteran bum. There is NO free agent option better than what we have here. I could hope that maybe we'd kick the tires on some youngsters via trade, but that's for another day.


Rosenthal reports that the Braves are making a late hard push for Furcal and he's listening. It would, IMO, behoove the Jays to make an inquiry about Yunel Escobar. Not sure what the asking price would be but if I were the Jays GM I'd want to know.


Torgen said...

Time to wait for a potential DH to get desperate and agree to a cheap 1 year deal.

Ian H. said...

You're right, I think the Jays should wait a bit and see which free agents bite in the New Year. Desperation will make an agent/player do crazy things!

Adam said...

Hey, totally unrelated question: Who's the fourth outfielder next season? Joe Inglett?

The Southpaw said...

Inglett and Bautista can both play either corner and have the right platoon splits.

It's actually a fairly neat solution.

Adam said...

Well, that's good news. (Unless you're Buck Coats.) Thanks.