Friday, 19 December 2008

Moving Day

It is with excitement and trepidation that I inform you all, readers and supporters of this blog and my fellow Jays bloggers out there who helped get us off the ground by linking us virtually from day one, that The Southpaw is moving to a new home.

As of today, this will be the last post by me to the blog hosted on blogspot. The new home of The Southpaw can be found at the following address:

Many things will be the same, a few things will be a little different.

From now I, WillRain, am the sole owner of The Southpaw and the primary writer, although Johnny and Twitchy have an open door to contribute as a guest writer as they see fit. I'm also working on some other possibilities on that front but most of what you see, for good or ill, will be my work.

The appearance is going to be a bit different. In time I hope to add some resources such as depth charts and pitching matchup projections as well as links to all the crucial sources of information found on publicly available sites.

In the meantime, I hope you'll overlook any bumps in the transition and please, change your bookmarks and links to the new address. One of my biggest worries in this move is that someone who checks in occasionally will find this page un-updated and not know where we've gone.

This seems an appropriate moment to again be clear in expressing deep thanks to all those who've been kind and supportive over the last ten months. This little project has succeeded far better than I had let myself hope.



Anonymous said...

I like the DH/1B Randy Ruiz pick up. The guys had some nice consistent numbers in the minors over the years.

U think he may crack the roster?


Anonymous said...

Wow, just looked back and i wrote about the Jays signing Randy Ruiz and the yankees just signed Mark Teixera.

This is just absurd