Friday, 25 June 2010

Brandon Morrow Demands Your Attention

Last five games:

34 IP
22 H
5 ER
10 BB
27 K

1.32 ERA
0.92 WHIP

You like Apples?
How 'bout THEM apples?

Want more? If we set aside that unfortunate 1 2/3 IP in Boston, his ERA since April 19 would be 2.95 and moreover, since that episode in Boston his BB/9 is a very praiseworthy 2.94 (in 8 starts).

There's been some discussion about based on John Hyman's report that the Jays might trade pitching in July (no surprise) and that among those potentially shopped would be Shaun marcum which has produced consternation in some quarters, even with some suggesting Marcum was more to be extended than to be traded in their opinion. I personally disagree. Unless the Jays seriously think they can seriously contend this year and next, you have to see what the market for Marcum is, as much as we love him. With Rick-Ro pitching like a true ace, and Morrow and Cecil proving they are forces to be reckoned with, we have to seriously consider that Marcum, as good as he is, is not the future Ace of this team.

Don't get me wrong, I'm speaking here of a big payday, not just shoving him aside. But in terms of building for the future, the guy who needs to be hit up for a contract extension this fall is not Marcum, but Morrow.


Chris said...

I agree that Morrow needs to be signed to an extension, but I don't think one can overstate the leadership Marcum brings to the team. While keeping Romero and Morrow to me is a priority over Marcum, I'd rather trade Cecil. I feel Marcum pitches almost as well and his leadership brings him over the top.

The Southpaw said...

To be clear, i wouldn't favor dealing him lightly for marginal prospects.

As an example, the dude writing for MLBTR yesterday mentioned in passing that the Brewers need pitching and the Jays like Lawrie - if the Brewers were willing to part with Lawrie in a deal I'd have to give that serious consideration.