Friday, 18 June 2010

Meet Your Auburn Doubledays!

Prospect geeks, assemble!

Finally - on the day that play begins in Auburn for the Jays Rookie league entry in the NY/Penn League, the Auburn Doubledays roster is public - albeit not entirely up to date. Here's the roster from the link above:

20Zach AndersonPRR6' 0"19510-20-1986ActiveNo
31Scott GraceyPRR6' 2"19010-15-1986ActiveNo
18Shawn GriffithPRR5' 10"18005-24-1987ActiveNo
30Juan HernandezPLL6' 0"18010-25-1987ActiveNo
10Andrew HutchisonPLR6' 2"16508-22-1990ActiveNo

Casey LawrencePRR6' 2"17010-28-1987ActiveNo

Dayton MarzePRR6' 2"18501-01-1989ActiveNo
39Leandro MellaPLL6' 4"19005-05-1990ActiveNo
9Zach OutmanPRR6' 2"18012-29-1987ActiveNo

Drew PermisonPRR5' 10"17002-24-1989ActiveNo
8Egan SmithPLL6' 5"20003-16-1989ActiveNo
34Sam StricklandPLL6' 5"21006-09-1987ActiveNo
22Daniel WebbPRR6' 3"21008-18-1989ActiveNo

Catchers (click column headers to sort)
# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
27Joseph BowenCSR6' 1"19009-25-1987ActiveNo
44Jack MurphyCSR6' 4"23504-06-1988ActiveNo
3Carlos PerezCRR6' 0"19310-27-1990ActiveNo

Infielders (click column headers to sort)
# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
23Lance Durham1BLR5' 11"21002-20-1988ActiveNo
24Yudelmis Hernandez1BRR6' 4"20505-18-1987ActiveNo
7Oliver Dominguez2BSR5' 9"15604-23-1989ActiveNo
11Jonathan Fernandez2BSR6' 0"17509-17-1987ActiveNo
6Matthew Nuzzo3BRR6' 0"20503-18-1987ActiveNo
21Randy Schwartz3BRR6' 4"23501-25-1986ActiveNo
25Matt JohnsonIFRR6' 3"21005-26-1988ActiveNo
2Gustavo PierreSSRR6' 2"18312-28-1991ActiveNo

Outfielders (click column headers to sort)
# Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB Status MLB 40-man
17Yeico AponteRFLL6' 2"19012-17-1988ActiveNo
15Markus BriskerCFRR6' 3"21008-21-1990ActiveNo
19Marcus KnechtOFRR6' 1"20006-21-1990ActiveNo
28Stephen McQuailOFRR6' 2"22506-10-1989ActiveNo
14John RobertsLFLL6' 1"21507-24-1986ActiveNo

You can add to that the name of 2010 draft pick Asher Wojciechowski.

My guess is Woj, Smith, Webb and Hutcheson will be starters - I'm uncertain who the fifth guy is.

The hitters to watch here are mainly Perez and Pierre. Beyond that, Kenect, Aponte, Durham, and Brisker are players with interesting potential.

Among highly picked players who haven't been assigned yet which may be assumed to be bound for the GCL team (supposedly to be announced tomorrow) are 1b/OF KC Hobson and CF Jake Marisnick from 2009, and as yet unsigned players from the 2010 draft like Kelin Sweeney, Dicke Joe Thon and others - assuming they sign. Albeit some unsigned college players will be added to the Auburn roster when they sign I'm sure.

On an unrelated note....there's an unconfirmed report about that the Jays have signed Nick Green and that he's expected to join the major league roster which, if true, surely means Mike McCoy is bound for Vegas.

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