Monday, 7 June 2010

Day One reaction

As you surely already know, the Jays took four RHP in Day One (or should that be Night One?) of the MLB draft and since there are multitudiounus sources for deeply insightful details about the four, I'll spare you yet another repition. Check out Bluebird Banter in the sidebar link for a Jays-centric rundown. My quick takes are as follows:

Deck McGuire - I like it. Whether or not he was my first choice, I can't argue with what I've seen about him. Taking each pick in isolation, this is a solid pick even if he is a very similar guy to Chad Jenkins for the simple reason that Jenkins is not a sure thing and neither is McGuire. The only hesitation I have here is this is a guy who's said to be capable of moving quickly. But I'm not sure the young staff we have really needs an injection of first round talent three years hence. I imagine that the 2014 rotation will feature the best/healthiest five out of Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Zep, Drabek, Alverez, Jenkins, and Stewart and that's assuming we don't extend Marcum. It's true there's a high attrition rate especially for pitchers but still . . . there are certainly worse problems to have though.

Aaron Sanchez - fine by me, again, I'm clearly no scout but it seems like solid value at this point. This kid being a high schooler can afford to take five years or so to climb the ladder.

Noah Syndergaard - Dunno anything about him, but said to be very signable and this is an unprotected pick so I defer to the front office here . . . my only quibble is that IF it was about signability, surely there was something other than a RHP who was signable here? But what the heck.

Asher Wojciechowski - sounds good but why in the heck must they give me these guys I have to copy and paste so much? In the abstract, my only real complaint here is in the context of the other three. IF he was the first or second SP they had drafted and they had got a guy this good at this slot, I'd be really happy.

I'n just kind of bummed about the monotony, which I admit is completely irrational.

Looking ahead to tomorrow (i repeat, no one knows a damn thing apparently) here's my board (I'm not going to mention too many pitchers just because I think it'd be nuts to use 8 of the first 10 - or whatever - on pitchers . . . but there are good ones left i won't mention):

Austin Wilson (STILL!) - one may have to concede at this point that he told teams that under no circumstances would he sign and someone will wait and burn a tenth rounder or something on him just in case;
Stetson Allie - Frankie Piliere asked in the Fanhouse chat tonight of Allie "What do these teams know that we don't?" I, for one, would take a chance, even if he is the fifth pitcher we take.
Kendrick Perkins - an outfielder I've read good things about;
Yorby Cabrera/Chad Lewis/Garin Cecchini/Dominic Ficociello - high school third basemen (or shortstops who project at third), I don't know enough to distinguish among them but I've seen good reports on all four.
Evan Rutckyj - yes he's another pitcher and yes he's another eye-chart dude, but he has an intriguing backstory.
Jarrett Parker - Virginia Outfielder said to be one of the better athletes left among position players.

A couple of links before I go, regarding tonight's picks:

John Lott writes McGuire is considered a "bulldog."

Shi Davidi tells us much of the same info, but quotes a scout comparing McGuire to John Lackey.

More links will be added if I find some good stuff.

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