Thursday, 5 June 2008

Draft Day!

The English language lacks nouns, adjectives and gerunds strong enough to express my frustration at watching Mike Mussina absolutely handcuff the Jays last night. The psychological effect of beating one of the weaker links in the Yankees rotation would've been big: a win would've both guaranteed a winning roadtrip and it would've kept the Yankees under .500 at least until we left town.

Does that mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Probably not, but still. Like a selfish lover, the Jays let me down once again. Where is my sobbing emoticon?

The Oracle says that Aaron Hill will STILL be out of the lineup today and may or may not be DL'd this weekend. Eckstein!

We've got some getaway day action at 1 this afternoon featuring Yankees ace CM Wang and our very own enigmatic Dustin McGowan. Dusty has been bad on the road this year and bad against the Yankees through his career. The ESPN supercomputer (4-1 since I started consulting it) basically reckons we've got no hope this afternoon. I'll have the game on TV, the draft window open on my laptop and there's very little prospect of me actually getting any work done today.

The Rays have announced that they'll take SS Tim Beckham as the first overall pick, a move no doubt in part motivated by Buster Posey's demands for a $12 million signing bonus. Good for them. The Sun indicates that the Reds will take Canucker Brett Lawrie 7th if he falls to them, which means we'll have to hope that Brett Wallace slides down to the Jays at 17.

Will we match up with the Braves for a trade this summer? They desperatly need bullpen help with John Smoltz lost for the season and we're well stocked in that department. That's why Armando Benitez is here, slowly but surely re-establishing his value.

What would you say if I told you that "not many starting pitchers throw even four different pitches at least 9-10% of the time and the Blue Jays have three of them." Further confirmation of something you already knew: we've got an exceptional rotation.

-- J0hnny Was


eyebleaf said...

bases loaded, 1 out, and nothing. you've got to just be fucking kidding me. this "offense" is starting to kill me.

eyebleaf said...

ok, now i'm feeling this offense. stairs fucking rules.

The Southpaw said...

haha, the worm turns.

eyebleaf said...

why can't rod catch today?

eyebleaf said...

i apologize for posting my random comments on your blog, but scott rolen is the KING of wicked at-bats.

eyebleaf said...

what a catch.

eyebleaf said...


i feel pain in my heart.