Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The more things change....

I was expecting to lose 2-1 after the offensive onslaught, so I have to consider some elements of tonights game a success. Adam Lind continues to prove he's a competent major leaguer, hitting a 2 run bomb to put the Jays back in the game. He added a bunt - and while it looked awful, it was perfectly placed. I'd look for him to start moving up the order within the next week or two.

Joe Inglett has been under the radar this season, but he's given the Jays a huge boost. Hitting 313/383/458 coming into the game, Inglett has made us all forget that Hill has been out for a couple of weeks now. Does anybody know if he can play SS? Cause if he can, I'd love to see the Jays give him a shot there - any chance to keep his hot bat in the lineup would be clutch.

The offense looked pretty solid out there - no, they didn't win the game, but scoring 5 runs (in the same game!) and coming from behind is a great sign. I know some people will argue the philosophy stayed the same, but something must have happened. Maybe it's the shitty Reds pitching...ok, a lot of it is the shitty Red's pitching. But some of it, in my opinion, has to be attributed to what looks like a more aggressive Jays team. This series is the first one in a long time that I'd consider 'exciting'.

Rolen & Overbay should take the blame for this one. Bases loaded & nobody out, and they channeled the Gibbons-esque Blue Jays - shallow pop up, and a 1-2-3 DP.

Let me just say that I love a platonic way. But I don't understand how Tabler (or others) can claim he had a "good outing". He got pwned left right and center, and there was nothing good about his start other than he didn't give up a run every inning. If this was AJ, we'd be hearing about how his problems are in his head and other nonsense about why he's got a million dollar arm but a 10 cent head.

I definetly wasn't a big fan of Cito's bullpen management tonight. It worked out, but I wasn't too pleased with letting Doc, who clearly looked like a fork had been stuck in him, pitch to the last couple of left handed batters (Griffey, Votto), and nearly giving the game away right then and there. I understand Doc's the ace of the staff, and you'd give him a chance when you wouldn't anybody else. But he'd given up 5 runs, thrown 115 pitches by this point, and couldn't hit the strike zone.

If Doc was blindfolded, he could hit his spots perfectly. So if he's missing, it's cause he's tired, and at that point in the game needs to be pulled. Not only did Cito give up the platoon advantage for Downs, but he nearly gave up the game by allowing Doc to face those hitters. I know it worked out, and it could have been a one game thing. But I felt it was worth bringing up because there was too much risk involved just to get Halladay a "W".



eyebleaf said...

you're right on the money about Doc. If that as an AJ start, we'd be hearing about how he just can't put it all together. no way that's called a good outing if AJ's throwing.

and, yes, i was rather unsure of gaston's bullpen management in regards to leaving doc out there. was a very, very risky move.

speaking of the bullpen, downs is fucking great. the thullards at DJF and even Wilner (I believe) questioned the money we gave him in the off-season...but he's been great, again. downs is a rudey

The Southpaw said...

I loved the contract at the time (Downs). I think I even started saying some crazy shit like I'd rather have 3/10 of Downs than 45/4 or whatever the deal was the Reds gave Cordero. Quality lefty relievers who can get RH batters out are worth a lot more than we paid for Downs.

And considering how poorly JP drafts, why would we want to give him the extra draft picks (Downs would be a type A IIRC) for the future when we're theoretically trying to compete, and need Downs in the pen?


Tao of Stieb said...

Re: Cito's bullpen management...

We were a bit skeptical of his decision to leave Halladay in, and we're kinda wondering what's going through his head with regards to the pitching staff.

Mind you, handling the staff is usually the easiest thing to point to when you want to string up a manager. We're sure it is only a matter of time before people start piling on Cito because the "numbers dictate" that he should have done something differently.

Not that we're necessarily all for this "managing from the gut" tomfoolery.

God almighty, we're hung any of this making sense?