Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wolfe a starter?

Well, I guess I was half right in my last post. Wolfe got demoted - but because they want to make him a starter. Wolfe's looked a lot better against lefties this year, but it's only been around 6 1/3 innings against them. Last year he was downright awful against lefty batters, so I'm worried that making him a starter might expose that weakness.

Parrish had a terrific start, but keep in mind the Braves are a team that's extremely weak against Southpaws - as a team they have a 714 OPS, good enough for 23rd overall in the majors. So while Parrish looked sharp, a good part of that is due to the Braves lack of offense against lefties. Sell high, and sell fast...

League continues to sit around in the bullpen, waiting for the call. I heard JC talking (I muted most of the game but I needed a good laugh for a few minutes) and he said Gaston wasn't going to put in League unless the game was guaranteed for the Jays or they're down by about 10 runs. So with a 6-1 lead, wouldn't it have made sense to go to League instead of Tallet? Obviously it sounds like I'm bitter Tallet gave up 4 runs, which isn't the case. But League needs to start pitching, or he'll get rusty, and it'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy in which League won't have any control cause he isn't playing - which leads to less playing time, and more rust, and more control problems...


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sp said...

I thought League should've pitched at that time also. At this rate, Cito is gonna wear out Downs and Tallet before August. At least use the other guys in decided games Cito!

I have no problem with stretching out Wolfe. We have depth in the bullpen and a spot/specialist starter would be quite a useful luxury like when Downs was used as one a couple years ago.

Also, why didn't J-Mac bunt with 1 out and runners on 1st and 2nd in the 7th (i think)? It didn't cost us but it could've been a huge mistake. J-Mac and Eckstein then promptly flied out and grounded out. By the way, why are they batting back to back?? That should NEVER happen. This only happened twice under Gibbons (in April) but that was necessary because McDonald HAD to be in the lineup due to Rolen's absence.