Monday, 23 June 2008

Waiting for the Miracle

Sure, the Jays could do something crazy like running the table against the Reds and Braves this week to square it away at .500 by the halfway point, but don't bank on it. We've reached the point, so far as I see it, that there's really no longer any point in stressing. Heads have rolled (likely to be followed by that of the GM in a few months) and you're better off just enjoying the sport for what it is, a lightly sozzled afternoon at the ballpark, the play of recently recalled youngsters (Adam Lind/Brandon League = Generation Deuce?), etc. than bashing your head against the wall.

Go wit' it now (in a Zach de la Rocha voice).

There was that win there yesterday in Pittsburgh and one has to figure that a zesty mordant performance from young Adam Lind (homer, single, walk) this year is another nail in JP's coffin. I'm not even saying it in that snide told-you-so voice, I'm just making note of it. On the highlight shows, Lindy admitted to be nervous his first go up this year and Cito was responsible for keeping him level-headed by naming him the everyday left fielder without crossing his fingers. Gay photographers everywhere rejoice.

Blair notes that the Gary Denbo approach is no more in favour of a grip it and rip it philosophy. Expect fewer walks and more power. There is no no. 1 catcher and BA/Zaunner will split time. Good, both will stay fresh through the dog days. Alex Rios will hit third, Overbay second (or fifth), and there'll be less lineup tinkering. John McDonald will be dusted off more frequently then he was under the previous regime. Marco Scutaro remains in Cito's good graces. And so on and so forth.

Given the spectacular disappointment of the first three months of the season, I'm not opposed to change for change's sake. This is all about as exciting as an Evangeline Lilly nipple slip.

There is no Jays baseball tonight, which prolly isn't such a bad thing. I'm away until the weekend and once again leave you in the competent, capable hands of my co-writers. I reckon they nailed it more often than Ron Jeremy while I was in Vancouver, so consider yourselves lucky.

Peace out,

Johnny Was

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eyebleaf said...

the goal is to be back to .500 before the all-star break. we've got 18 games to make it happen.

in Cito i trust.