Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Fresh Prince of Toronto

Everybody say it with me "You can't stop Adam Lind! You can only hope to contain him!!"

I know there's no empirical evidence he keeps being this good but, ya know, just DAMN.

Speaking of being good, I noticed something tonight and posted it over on Wilner's blog but then figured, why not give it a higher profile 'cause it's just, ya know, cool and stuff.

It's a fun stat, even despite their relative ages.

If you double Adam Lind’s at-bats, he falls just three short of the total Evan Longoria has, so let’s do that and see what kind of comparison we have:

AL: .302 - .337 - .545 - .882 — 22-8-18-70
EL: .278 - .352 - .533 - .885 — 27-2-22-71

Tell me that's not some cool shit...



mathesond said...

It's gonna suck when Lind hits the inevitable slump, er, cools off a bit. Be nice if there was another solid bat around to pick up the slack (Messrs. Wells and Rios, I'm talking about you)

Anonymous said...

adam lind is also 2+ years older and had 2 seasons worth of aaa/mlb while the comparison is exciting, it has very little predictive value in terms of trying to project their careers.

The Southpaw said...


I refer you to the following comment which immediately preceded the stats:

It's a fun stat, even despite their relative ages.

I don't believe I implied any predictive value.


Anonymous said...

hey! a second consecutive "these numbers look pretty good pro-rated" post. how insightful. I mean, "fun".

shame you can't just take the best week each Jay puts up and multiply it by 20.