Friday, 15 August 2008

Live Blog! Tonite!

Just a friendly reminder that I'll be live-blogging tonight's Olympic baseball matchup between the masculine Canadians and our best friends/main enemies from the US of America starting at around 10:30-ish from the Silver Fox Lounge that is my living room. All are welcome and the libations will be flowing at break-neck speed.

If you happened to miss it early this morning, the Canuckers fell 1-0 to the Good Koreans, who got a masterful complete game shutout from southpaw starter Hyunjin Ryu/Ryu Hyun-Jin and a solo homerun from second baseman Keunwoo Jeong. Seeing as Canada pretty much only has left-handed hitters, the opposition is having a field day running out lefty starters, though Ryu does have quite an impressive pedigree in the Korean League. Canada did have plenty of chances to score--including a man on third in the 9th--but hit worse with RISP than the Jays of April/May.

Though Team Canada aquitted itself well against the highly touted Cubans yesterday, it likely needs to win 3 of its next 4 to advance to the next round, which means taking at least one against the US or Japan. (The other two games are against Taiwan and Neederlands). A daunting task, indeed.

-- Johnny Was

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