Monday, 11 August 2008

Noted in passing...

I'll refrain from extensive remarks on Rolen and the Rolen/Glaus deal in hindsight--though I do not shy from being a big backer of the deal--but if this does happen to be the end of his year, I wanted to make a passing observation while the topic is hot.

Through Rolen's first 59 games this season, he had an .851 OPS and was on a pace that, over 142 games, would have amounted to 43 doubles and 14 HR. Now, it is true that the Jays lack for power. It's also true that at this point we don't know for sure what if anything that ghostly shoulder difficulty will allow Rolen to do. Obviously if this is the sort of thing that's going to keep him from getting through a productive season ever again, then it's a total loss. That was always the risk the deal involved.

But laying the worst case scenario aside, IF the Jays had to resign themselves to the fact that they are paying $11 million per for a stellar defensive 3B who's offensive ceiling is .850...that's not a bad deal at all. Especially when you consider the dearth of potentially better 3Bs available to them. Given the health, contract, and discontent situation we had with Glaus, if that's what we end up having received for him, I'm cool with it.


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Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

there should be zero talk of rolen returning this season. we've got 2 years and a boatload of money left to pay him. he simply must be healthy next season.

but, i guess he was healthy coming into this season, too...

if another surgery is out of the question, is retirement a possibility? the guy is a complete shell of his former self.