Friday, 8 August 2008

Total Cynicism

There's something quintessentially Russian about using the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games as cover for an invasion of a small neighbouring country. Have no fear, American friends, you are not under attack: this action by Russian "peacekeepers" is taking place in the ancient Caucasian country of Georgia, not the Southern state known for it's delicious peaches and the Atlanta Braves.

As someone who is highly cynical about pretty much everyone's motives and have brought that perspective to my coverage of the Jays here at this blog, I even have to pause for a moment.

Ok, well, that's done.

Old Friend Jeff Blair is presently covering women's soccer at the Olympics and brings his usual irreverant wit and biting commentary to the other side of the Bamboo Curtain. Amidst all of the hobby sports that take up about 80% of the Olympics, I do admit to looking forward to watching Canada-China with the Mrs over breakfast tomorrow morning...

p.s. we'll be pulling for opposite sides if you didn't catch my drift

-- Johnny Was

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Jay K. said...

Ok, so what the fuck time is it in China anyways? I swear I saw live coverage of opening ceremonies this morning and then flipped to sports centre and saw highlights of men's soccer that had happened previously? I know they are controlling the weather for the Olympics and have wiped out a few troublesome species of animals, but are they also controlling the time space continuum?