Sunday, 14 September 2008

Don't You Dare

I realize what I'm about to say doesn't apply to everyone, but you know who you are.

Reading on the various BBS and blogs and comments I keep running across remarks about this weekend series like "we didn't come to play" and "they choked" and "the Red Sox wanted it more" and "the Jays couldn't handle the pressure".

To all of you who feel that way I'd like to kindly invite you to fuck-the-hell-off.

This is a team that has been playing the best baseball in the American League for more than two months, but was digging out of a very big hole. We were going into the home park of arguably the best team in the league - a home park where they play .700 ball, and we were playing a team who's still playing for the division title, not just the wild card.

And some of you are somehow shocked and stunned that we lost 3 of 4? Why? Why the hell do you think we all knew this time last week it would take a miracle? Because we hate to beat Baltimore? Because the Red Sox might lose to Tampa Bay?

No. We knew it was a very long shot precisely because we knew how hard it was to win 3 or more games AT FENWAY PARK!

So yeah, ya know, in case I didn't make it clear, if you are turning like rats and bitching about our players this weekend, questioning their desire and drive, then by all means - "fuck off" is not remotely a strong enough expression for what you need to do right now. Just slink back to that sewer that you bandwagon jumpers lurk in most of the season, go ahead and start preparing all the irrational reasons why JP needs to be fired and the whole roster needs to be blown up. But whatever you do, if you can't be proud of this team for getting this close considering where they stood on June 21, and would rather cry like a little girl because what happened this weekend is exactly what was SUPPOSED to happen, then just keep your damn mouth shut and save yourself the embarrassment of the shit that will flow when you open it.

In the meantime, I, for one, will extend kudos to a team that managed to crawl back into contention when pretty much no one, even most of their own fans, had left them for dead.

Good job, boys. Hat's off to ya.



The Southpaw said...


If you got off bandwagon in the early months, why get back on just to jump off again in September? It's incomprehensible.

Those Kudos thingies look tasty... I'd trade a bag of good old Canadian ketchup chips for a box of them.


eyebleaf said...

absolutely man, was an awesome fuckin run. the hole was simply too deep to climb out of. but these guys battled, and i'm def. proud of em.

i'm takin the positives from the weekend - purcey's start friday night, AJ dominating, litsch battlin and pitching well enough to win, and the coming out party on saturday of travis mother fuckin snider.

see you in 2009, massholes.