Friday, 19 September 2008

Shaun Marcum Pronounced Dead at the Scene

Normally I don't immediately jump to fatalistic conclusions, but I'm going to make an exception for this update from Robert MacLeod.

Fuck this bullshit! Fuck right the fuck off, you fucking fucker:

The Jays are already convinced from their initial investigations that Marcum requires the [motherfucking Tommy John] surgery. The visit with Dr. Andrews, which is expected to happen some time today, is to confirm the diagnosis of the Jays' medical staff.

“I don't think the news is very good,” said the source. “We suspect the worst – Tommy John surgery. It's not career ending but it's not great.”

Should Marcum need surgery, he will be out at least one year which would mean he would not be available for the majority, if not all, of next season.

While the departed Reverend Jerry Falwell would probably have blamed this unpleasant development on the semi-legal status of marriage-you-wanna and general tolerance for homosexuality in Canada, this is really just rotten, shitty luck. The loss of Marcum for '09, combined with the giant question marks surrounding whether Dustin McGowan will be able to pitch effectively again and the possible?/probable?/certain? departure of AJ Burnett, does not bode well to put things mildly. We expected to see an off-season where JP or his successor tried to patch a single hole in the rotation, but now it's looking more likely that he's in for a full-on talent search to man at least 2 mid-rotation spots and/or replace lost depth when everyone else gets bumped up.

Maybe that idea of having Downs start again wasn't so crazy after all. Ricky Romero, grab the apple and take a bite. Scott Richmond, apply your stevedore's work ethic on the diamond. I'll even dust off the ol' slider of death just in case they need me...

-- Johnny Was


eyebleaf said...

wow. just wow. we have the shittiest luck in the world.

eyebleaf said...

oh, and i need a drink.

The Southpaw said...

The idea of Downs starting is still crazy, for the record.

I really don't want JP to push Cecil into starting off with the Jays. Cecil only pitched 118 innings last year, so at best he's good for another 148 next year. Maybe as a mid-late season call up if he's doing well, and if he isn't close to reaching those 148 innings.

Davis Romero could be an interesting option, but like Cecil he can't have too many innings on his arm. Anything more than 150 might be pushing it, with 155 being the absolute ceiling.

So if AJ doesn't come back, the Jays are looking at something like Doc, Litsch, Purcey, Scott Richmond and Ricky Romero as the rotation. If McGowan & Janssen could come back healthy ASAP the rotation wouldn't look as bad. But ugh, that bullpen is going to get tested early and often.

They better score some fucking runs next year cause they're gonna need em.


Ian H. said...

FUCK! I need a drink too, make it a double.

The Southpaw said...

Did Davis Romero not have some labia surgery at the end of the year?

Eh, eh? Like what I did there with "labrum"? Eh?


The Southpaw said...

Basically, Cecil can make about 25 starts, so he needs to spend about a month pitching in relief as some point during the season. I could see, if he had a strong spring, him being the stopgap until McGowan came back and then shifting to the bullpen but if there was never another opening in the rotation he wouldn't get a chance to stretch out to 150 or so.

The alternative is to start him in the pen at AAA for 6 weeks or so then stretch him back out and have him be a major league option beginning sometime in June.

Davis Romero I'd use as a starter out of the gate if he were needed, because his long term future is probably in the pen so finishing the season in relief if need be wouldn't be a great loss.