Friday, 26 September 2008

Good Readin'

Buster Olney (who's becoming one of my favorite national commentators on baseball) wrote a fascinating article on ESPN about the production of the products of the various major league team's far system. While his primary focus is on the abysmal performance of the Yankees in that regard (take note all y'all who covet Brian Cashman for your GM) there's a chart which ranks the teams by number of offensive players and pitchers they have put in the major leagues in all the drafts from 1997 to 2005.

The hidden gem of the article though, is the column which shows the number of collective at bats or innings pitched for these players. If you rank the teams according to that data, then you find that the team which has developed the most collective at bats from their minors in the majors is - your Toronto Blue Jays (and yes i know that's a mixture of the work of two different GMs)

The Jays rank 8th on the list in innings pitched. It's good stuff, check it out.


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