Sunday, 7 September 2008

Eight is NOT Enough!

I don't have any profound insights for you today, no little known fact or pearl of wisdom, I just really wanted to say "FUCK YEAH!!!" about sweeping those damned pesky Rays!

The Jays are finally doing what we have been waiting seemingly since the Great Depression for them to do: that's fulfill expectations. Do you realize that since July 7 the best record in the American League belongs to your Toronto Blue Jays? They are 33-19 during that span. You can figure all the way back to the hiring of Cito Gaston and they are still in the top 6 or 7 records in the game. And that for the whole season they have the 11th best record in baseball?

True, they are still 8 games behind the Red Sox, but they have a chance to finish second in the Wild Card and win as many games as any year since '93. Am I telling you anything you didn't know? Maybe not. But it was getting embarrassing that The Southpaw wasn't commenting on the best run of the year, so I had to come up with something!

So, with a tip of the cap to the Inebriated Ones, "PLAYOFFS!!"



The Southpaw said...

I wasn't planning on saying anything for fear of jinxing it, but I'm superstitious...


eyebleaf said...

saturday's game, with zaun's walk off, that might have been the highlight of the year.

fuck the rays, and fuck matt garza.

go jays. i'm hopin this run, and the subsequent solid finish, is enough to give JP one more shot next season, with cito running the show from day 1